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The Majjistral Nature and History Park,
Malta’s first National Park.

The Majjistral Nature and History Park, Malta’s first National Park, is located in the North-West of the Island of Malta and includes a coastal stretch of about 6 km in length covering the area from Anchor Bay (Il-Prajjet) to Golden Bay (Il-Bajja tal-Mixquqa) and inland toward ix- Xagħra l-Ħamra. The Park includes elements of natural and cultural interest and is, thereby, a valuable tourism product. Within this area it is possible to find both areas of rural and military heritage, unique habitats for flora, natural caves and outstanding coastal cliffs. These create a landscape which attracts many visitors, both local and foreign. The coastal zone hosts a number of important habitats and represents an area of ecological importance, which now form part of the list of Natura 2000 sites of international importance. The rural, vernacular and military heritage of the area are intimately linked to the geographical landscape in which they are situated and form an important cultural landscape. These features include cart-ruts, long rubble walls (dry stone walls), farmhouses, small beehives, tombs dating to the Classical period, natural caves and numerous corbelled stone huts. The Park is named for the North western region or wind (Maltese: Majjistral).


Our mission is to maintain and to regenerate of degraded habitats through sound management actions, this coupled with educating the general public on the need of open spaces and well managed habitats.


Our vision is to have sound management structures and an increase in protected and managed areas on the Maltese Islands.


“We should preserve biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it mean to humanity”