Majjistral Nature and History Park Regulations

Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park is protected through legal notice L.S. 549.83. Check out for more information here.

Green code:

01. Obey any posted warnings and signs.

02. Assess the difficulty of the trails and terrains that are open to trail.

03. Avoid walking alone and inform someone of your whereabouts.

04. Please carry a phone, and avoid strenuous activity in the heat.

05. There are no bins in the park, so take rubbish back with you.

06. Stay on indicated trails and keep off closed trails, avoiding short cuts, private property or cultivated land.

07. Maintain control of your direction and speed.

08. Stay away from ridges. Overhanging rockfall, and slippery slopes – especially when windy or rainy.

09. All cultural or historical items and wildlife are protected.

10. It is prohibited to pick, collect, cut, uproot, destroy or damage specific flora and fauna.

11. Nets, traps and firearms are not permitted outside of hunting season.

12. Camp only in designated camping areas.

13. Generators are not permitted.

14. Avoid causing light pollution. Light can be harmful to wildlife

15. Keep voices low and avoid unnecessary loud voices and sound

16. No littering in the park

17. Report any illegal activities or vandalism to 119

18. Report emergencies to 112

Majjistral Park Regulations

If you have any questions, please don`t hestitate to contact us every day from Monday until Friday from 9am until 3pm.

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