The Park is committed to environmental education for all age groups. Educational talks and walks, snorkelling events and more are organized regularly at the Park to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors whilst also becoming more aware of their surroundings and learning about nature.



The Heritage Parks Federation (Din l-Art Ħelwa, Gaia Foundation, Nature Trust Malta) invites schools to bring their students for a guided nature walk at Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park l/o Mellieha – an area which extends along the coast from Golden Bay to Anchor Bay and inland towards Manikata.

This is an opportunity for students to become more aware of their surroundings and to come into contact with nature – taking the first step towards true appreciation of our natural heritage. The walk is intended to act as a taster of the outdoors – an activity which will hopefully instill a sense of environmental respect in every participant and arouse a greater curiosity within them to learn more.

There are no special subject requirements – the idea is to learn in a more practical way in nature’s own open air classroom whilst also getting some exercise. However any requests for special themes to be discussed during the walk are welcome and the walk length and topics can be varied accordingly.

The walk, including several stops, takes approximately 2-3 hours and follows a circular route along existing paths. Students are advised to wear suitable shoes, to bring drinking water and a small packed lunch.

A Guide will accompany all school groups but ultimate responsibility for the group during the walk will be in the hands of accompanying teachers/facilitators.

Practical info

Practical information and activity fee:

School Visits     (7-10 years old): € 2.50 (VAT included)
Students Visits  (10+ years old): € 5.00 (VAT included)
Max number of students: 30
Min number of students:
Recommended age: 
7 years+

Recomended meeting place and time: 9.30am Il-Majjistral Park Visitor Centre.
Duration: Approximately 2 hours (extra time should be allowed to see the Visitor Centre)

Please Note: The walks are subject to weather conditions and the walk will be postponed if the safety or enjoyment of the participants is compromised.

For booking and for more information please contact Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park on

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  • Educational guided walk tour
  • School Educational Tour at Nature Park
  • School visit Majjistral Park
  • Education tour at Majjistral Nature and History Park


The Maltese Islands may be small but they are rich in biodiversity and provide habitats to a wide variety of wildlife species.

The survival of many of these wildlife species is unfortunately threatened due to human impacts but, armed with the right knowledge we can all help to reduce (or even reverse) the harm that these impacts have.

In this online talk  “Wildlife Rescue with Nature Trust Malta” our guest speaker Ms Angelique Lofaro from Nature Trust sharing this knowledge.

“The Yelkouan Shearwater”

Did you know that the Yelkouan Shearwater is endemic to the Mediterranean region and that it nests at Majjistral Park?
In this online talk Martin Austad, the Seabird Research Coordinator of BirdLife Malta, gave a very interesting talk about these amazing birds.

“Tree Growing Workshop”
with The Grow 10 Trees Project

In this online talk Mr Adrian Gatt from The Grow 10 Trees Project kindly joins us as our guest speaker. A brief introduction is first given about afforestation projects at Majjistral Park.
Mr Gatt talks about the importance of trees, indigenous tree species types & habitats in Malta, why we need trees in Malta, seed collecting & sowing tips, how to grow Maltese Trees and answers participants questions at the end.

“Mammals in Malta”
with The National Museum of Natural History

In this online talk we are joined by Mr John J Borg from the National Museum of Natural History.
Mr Borg gives us an overview of the mammal species found in Malta from the Ice Age to present times, how can find and monitor mammals on our islands and how to report sightings. The Atlas of Maltese Mammals is a project we can all help with and contribute to simply by sending our sightings to the Museum.

“National Nature Parks for Malta – How To Save Our Countryside”
with Din l-Art Ħelwa

Our guest speaker for this talk was Mr Martin Galea from  Din l-Art Ħelwa and the Heritage Parks Federation.
Discussed topics included the over development of Malta, poor planning and the lack of countryside protection, the creation of international nature parks, a model for national parks in Malta, the issue of private land within national parks, the history of Majjistral Park and future plans for Majjistral Park.

“Invasive Alien Flora Species”
with Mr Sammy Vella

Talk is hosted by Majjistral Park with our guest speaker – Mr Sammy Vella who represents Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park and Wied Għajn Żejtuna.

“Unravelling the Phenomena of Bird Migration”
with Mr Natalino Fenech

Mr Fenech shows’ us some of his stunning photographs and take us on journeys to different countries to discover how fascinating bird migration is.

For future online talks please click here.

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