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Rascal Rangers is the name of Majjistral Park’s junior ranger volunteer programme which will focus on environmental exploration,
nature education, outdoor learning and practical hands-on activities. All kids can be a Rascal Ranger at Majjistral Park!

Please note that all of our activities are currently being done online to stay in line with COVID-19 restrictions. Here are some online activities that children can take part in.

Arts & Crafts

Nature Diary Painting Activity

The Nature Diary is a monthly online painting activity for kids and adults.
It is a fun way for everyone to explore and re-connect to nature!

On the first Saturday of every month throughout 2021 an activity leader will demonstrate how to draw wild flowers, mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles.

My Nature Diary 2021 (January)

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Rascal Rangers Gallery

See works of our wonderful participants!

Create a Flower Bouquet of Native Wildflowers

Here is a series of videos showing kids how to create a unique and unusual 3-D bouquet of flowers using materials you probably already have at home and which we often throw away!
The tools & materials needed are included in the description provided below each video.
Adult supervision may be required.

Enjoy crafting!


Video Instructions:


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Use the alphabet to hunt for species of plants and animals that live in Majjistral Park!

1. Download this document here

2. Print the document or give your child/children a piece of blank paper and write the alphabet on it.

3. Give your child/children a pencil/pen/crayon to write on the paper with. You might also need a book to place the paper on.

4. Take your child/children for a nature walk around Majjistral Park (see note below).

5. Ask them to look around them whilst on the walk and see if they can spot anything which starts with each letter.

6. When they have filled in the whole sheet they deserve a reward!
Alternative challenge: Instead of filling in the alphabet you could provide the child with paper, coloured pencils/paint and ask them to draw a scene in nature containing living and non living things that start with the letter of the alphabet.

*Note: Please observe the Majjistral Park site regulations when walking in the Park to ensure no harm is done to any of the wildlife living in the Park.

Bingo in the Park

Play Bingo in Majjistral Park by seeing how many plants and animals you can spot on your nature walk!


1. Download the BINGO sheet from here:

Kids Corner - Games for Kids

2. Print the BINGO sheet (one sheet contains 4 games).

Kids Corner - Games

3. Cut the sheet along the dotted lines.

Kids Corner - Games for kids, Majjistral Park

4. Cut the sheet along the dotted lines again.

Kids Corner

5. Trim the excess paper

Kids Corner

6. This should be the result.

Kids Corner

7. Give your child/children a pencil/pen/crayon to mark the sheet with.

8. Take your child/children for a nature walk around Majjistral Park (please see note below).

9. Ask them to look out for the wildlife symbolised on the sheet and to mark one of the symbols when they see something that represents it.

10. When they have a full line (can be horizontal/ vertical/a square/T or C shaped) they can call Bingo and they have won!

*Note: Please observe the Majjistral Park Site Regulations when walking in Majjistral Park to ensure no harm is done to any of the wildlife living in the Park.

What Am I?

How good are you at guessing animal and plant names?

Learn some facts about plants and animals that are native to the Maltese Islands. Our Flora and Fauna books are great resources to learn about Maltese nature.

Then guess the plant or animal using the below lists of questions.
Don’t cheat by looking at the answers first!


Animals (Fauna)

Blue Rock, national bird of Malta

Questions: here     Answers: here

Plants (Flora)

Narcis (Narcissus tazetta)

Questions: here     Answers: here

*Please Note: The activities in this section can be done with children if adult supervision is provided.

Guidelines on how to be care for the environment

How to Grow a Tree?
How to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Learn how to Compost? Kids Corner

Species ID Guides

Tree ID Guide