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Majjistral Park is the first National Nature Park in Malta. Since opening in 2007 the park is always adapting, changing and growing. This continuous work would not be possible without our committed and passionate volunteers.

As you probably understand, volunteers are a huge asset to the running of a National Park. Our volunteers generally either come for one-off events, or come on a regular basis to assist us. The work would include, but is not exclusive to, removal of invasive species, clean-ups, patrols, reporting of illegalities, taking care of our dogs, maintenance of our protected zones, irrigation, planting, replacement of signage and some educational activities.

As volunteering is an unpaid work experience, the number of hours worked is up to the individual and will be discussed with your co-ordinator. On-site training will be provided and long-term volunteers would be offered a uniform to wear when working with us.

Why volunteer with us as a Park Ranger?

Volunteering is an amazing experience that anyone can partake in. You may be surprised to learn something new about yourself or meet people that have the same thoughts or ideas as you. It is a chance to give something back selflessly. It may give you the chance to take a break from your professional career or just take a day out in nature.

Volunteering is a chance to network. Meeting like-minded people with similar interests is a great benefit. When you share the same passion for nature, NGOs and environmental protection, this will bring people together in a way that doesn’t feel like work!

You will improve your practical skills, such as maintenance of irrigation systems, using power tools and how to take care of newly planted afforestation areas. You will have the opportunity to learn about Maltese nature and heritage from experienced professionals in the field.

This could be your opportunity to try something new. If you are not shy about some hard work and getting a bit messy in the dirt, this could be your chance to improve and expand your portfolio. Volunteering in il-Majjistral Park is special because the area in which we are located is so serene. It is one of the quietest areas in Malta, with good air quality and an abundance of flora and fauna. We are lucky enough to witness an assortment of breeding and migratory birds, reptiles and an array of wonderful trees and shrubs.

One of our biggest projects is the planting of native trees in selected areas in the park to give future generations a safe, protected forest.

What is required?

Our volunteer rangers do not need any special qualifications. We do require that applicants are moderately physically fit and have the ability to carry out some light manual work.

How to contact us?

Please email our volunteer co-ordinator, Cami, on ranger4@majjistral.org and specify if you would like to be contacted for once-off events like clean-ups, or if you would like to regularly volunteer with us or spend your internship in the park.

Volunteers at Majjistral Nature and History Park

Check out some of our work with volunteers!

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Become Majjistral Park Volunteer Ranger

Majjistral Nature and History Park – Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Park Ranger

Volunteer Park Ranger Albert Attard

Name: Albert Attard
Country of Origin: Malta
Job: Volunteer Park Ranger
Period of volunteering: Ongoing, occasional

I have been living in Mellieha town for nearly two years and I always considered the North of Malta to have outstanding natural beauty. I particularly have an interest in the garigue habitat that decorates this location with beautiful aromatic shrubs and the flowers they produced. One unfortunate aspect of walking in nature in Malta is the amount of trash that has been left behind by passengers in cars driving by the countryside and main roads.

On one of the monthly cleaning up campaigns organised by the Mellieha local council, I had met a like-minded person (Daniela) who was also upset with all the litter that could be found in both beaches and country side. Daniela and I decided to do our own litter picking days. One day whilst heaving 6 big rubbish bags and other large items on the side of Manikata road young lady in a brown t-shirt driving a white pickup truck pulled up to the side of the road. I did not know what to expect and my instinct told me “are we were doing something wrong?”. To my relief I heard, “Do you need some help?” I was so glad my instinct was wrong. Considering the amount of trash and bulky refuse we collected from under the bushes, this seemed nothing short of a God’s send. We learned this angel had the name of Aisling, who works as a Park Ranger at the very close by Majjistral Nature Park. Aisling helped us load the bags and bulky refuse onto the truck and kindly transported them to a location which we agreed with local council for collection.

Meeting Aisling has now opened another door. I am proud to say that I have been asked to assist in three separate clean-ups within the park and I enjoyed helping out during a tree planting event organised by local NGOs and Council. It is also greatly satisfying and I feel rewarded that I can contribute towards the protection of these amazing nature sites with all their glory and beauty, that like a miracle can embrace you, offering the mental rest and comfort that every human being can benefit from. The rewards and satisfaction are more then what anyone can wish for.

May the beauty of Nature be with you,

Volunteer Park Ranger

volunteer-Théophile Beck

Name: Théophile Beck
Country of Origin: France
Job: ERASMUS Exchange student
Period of volunteering: Summer 2019

Hi! My name is Theophile, I’m 21 years old and live in South of France and I study in an Engineering school. For my school I had to go in a foreign country, and I had the opportunity to go in the Natural Park of Malta. That is how I met the great team which manage and maintain the Park. In the field, as a volunteer, I watered plants, cleaned the beach and put signs to protect the beach, fixed irrigation pipes, took care of the animals that live in the centre. I also participated in events organised by the park such as guided snorkelling, hiking and plenty of other activities. On some occasions in the fields, I was lucky enough to see chameleons hidden in pants and when I was snorkelling, I saw a beautiful Bull Ray and I loved that. All of these activities were made with very interesting by the motivated people who work to protect the wildlife of the park as much as possible. I really would like to thank them for this great experience all time in a good mood.
In Malta I was able to discover the wonderful landscape, especially the seaside which I loved to photograph. I also had the luck of taking my first photo of the milky way with a very nice local landscape photographer, Gilbert Vancell. Don’t hesitated to join them in Malta, you will be welcomed and you will enjoy your stay.

Volunteer Park Ranger

Volunteer Marija Vella

Name: Marija Vella
Country of Origin: Malta
Job: Volunteer Park Ranger
Period of volunteering:Ongoing, occasional

Every day we lead very busy lives. We go from one thing to the other, without much time to breathe, and to make time for the things we actually prioritize and value the most. I often have thoughts like; “I love the countryside” and “I love nature”. But I realised that, in reality, I somehow, always had something else to do and my intentions never translated into action.
It is these thoughts that motivated me to volunteer with Park tal-Majjistral. I had already been on several walks at the Park, both alone and on guided walks. The guided walks were always very informative. There are so many things we do not know about the Maltese flora and fauna. It is not only about the knowledge, but also about the experience of nature, e.g. through smell, touch, and sight. Furthermore, the coastal landscape of the North West of Malta really fascinates me. I enjoy admiring the unspoilt and uninterrupted expanse of coast and garigue, and looking beyond and visualizing how the coast extends from Park tal- Majjistral, to Gnejna, and to Fomm ir-Rih.

I got to know about the clean-up events from Facebook. So far, I have participated in two clean-ups at the Park tal-Majjistral. I never tolerated waste and rubbish, but the clean-ups left me with more anger. After investing time and energy to make our home a better, cleaner place, I felt even more protective of our environment. Although clean-ups have filled me with anger, I experienced the clean-ups as a fun and positive experience. It is encouraging to be involved in a project with other like-minded people in the community, and you also get to make new friends. I intend to make more time to volunteer my participation on a regular basis in the near future!

Volunteer Park Ranger

Volunteer Ryan Buhagiar

Name: Ryan Buhagiar
Country of Origin: Malta
Job: Volunteer Park Ranger
Period of volunteering:Ongoing, occasional

I have known about il-Majjistral Park for a few years now and I have explored the park a little bit on my own prior to volunteering. I first found out about the volunteering programme through friends and I realised that it was a great thing to do in my spare time.
So far, I have helped out with clean-ups, tree planting events, day-to-day work such as maintenance of irrigation systems, and also some DIY work. My experience as a mechanic allows me to use my skills to carry out some maintenance in the park to assist the rangers in their important tasks. It is such a nice feeling to give something back to Maltese nature, which supports our life.
I especially like volunteering in il-Majjistral as I am very passionate about Maltese history.
The park is so rich in history and I am so happy to share stories with the staff members and visitors. My hope is that one day we will be able to see the barracks in use again, for ecotourism. There is so much to learn about the area of il-Majjistral which spans from Golden Bay all the way to il-Prajjet, which looks reborn after the huge project of removing many tonnes of dumped waste. I am proud to have been part of the volunteer team which cleaned up this area several times by hand.

Lastly, one of the best parts about being a volunteer ranger, hands down, is going on a patrol with the parks’ two adorable mascots Lola and Linda. While patrolling the park, I have noticed a thriving ecosystem of endemic flora and fauna which is unlike anywhere else in Malta or the rest of Europe. I think this park is truly one of the most understated gems of the Maltese islands and I am looking forward to seeing the park improving and continuing to protect the beautiful Maltese wildlife that we all love.