Golden Bay Snorkeling

Join us on a guided snorkeling tour around Golden Bay before sunset!   Majjistral Park is offering 4 sessions (2 dates) for you to learn the basics of snorkeling and explore the crystal clear waters of Golden Bay under the guidance of Dora Farkas, a SDI TDI Trimix Instructor who also is a keen environmentalist. She will guide you around Golden Bay and walk you through the most common marine life you may see during the tour. There are 10 spots per session and all have to be filled for the session to take place. No age limit, however participants have to be good swimmers and be able to complete the 45 min tour after introduction.   Details: Date: Wednesday, 28th July 2021 Time: 16:30-17:30 Duration: 1 hour   Price: Price (including snorkel, mask and fins): €10 Price (excluding snorkel, mask and fins): €8   Booking: On email with: - First and the last name, - Contact phone number, - Good knowledge of swimming (yes/no), - Need of fins, snorkel, mask. Please note that the payment of €8 / €10 (depending on if you need to rent equipment or not) shall be paid 5 days before the event takes place. […]

Eur8 – Eur10

My Nature Diary Painting Activity (Session 8)

Join our next Nature Diary online painting activity!   Each month throughout 2021 Majjistral Park we will be hosting an online activity demonstrating how to draw wildflowers, insects, birds, mammals and more. For the month of August we will be drawing and painting dolphins - specifically the three species that are found close to the Maltese Islands.   This activity is aimed at children but adults are welcome too.   Details: Date: Saturday, 7th August 2021 Time: 3:00-4:00 pm Duration: Approximately 1 hour   Materials needed: Paper*, Pencil, Rubber, Newspaper (to protect surface from paint), Paint (ideally watercolour)**, White paint (poster/acrylic/gouache), Water pot filled with water, Palette to mix paint in, Old t-shirt/ material (to wipe brushes), Soft paint brushes (thin and medium sizes), Rough paper to test colours.   *To create the whole Nature Diary you will need 13 pieces that are the same size. The best paper to use if you are using watercolours is watercolour paper. You can use paper from a watercolour pad so that you do not need to cut the paper. If you do not have watercolour paper thick painting paper (eg. sketching paper) should also be ok but it would be a good […]